A strong thesis statement acts as a punch line for the argument

A thesis statement is mainly used for summarizing the key points of the topic under scrutiny. It can be said that it is one of the most crucial part of any thesis and the success of any such assignment is hugely dependent on the quality of its thesis statement. In the world of writing, a thesis statement is considered to be a valuable one if it can clearly assert the purpose of the assignment, whereas it is considered to be a weak one if it is not able to back the argument presented for discussion. A thesis statement generally appears in the introductory paragraph of an essay, article, research paper, etc.

A thoughtful thesis statement sets out the direction of the entire research paper. One glance of the testimonial can give an indication to the reader about the thoughts of the presenter. Especially when we talk about persuasive writing that is when you want to emphasize on something, this type of statement is even more useful. All the paragraphs of a thesis paper have their own importance, but some consider introduction paragraph as the most important one which should have an attention-grabbing thesis statement that draws the readers and indulges them to get involved in the custom essay paper rather than losing interest at the very start. Therefore, it can be said that it is the main driver of a thesis paper.

Although it might look and sound simple, but writing a thesis statement is the most difficult and perhaps the most creative part of the entire paper. The reason being, all the crux of the research needs to be confined within a very limited number of words, which can turn out to be very technical and somewhat tricky.  Following are some of the characteristics of a good thesis statement:

  1. It must have the ability to prove the point of the creator and should be able to persuade the readers to at least think about the argument presented.
  2. It should usually infer a single school of thought.
  3. It should be as definitive and specific as possible.
  4. It should be concise and should be free from vague statements, i.e. one should not beat around the bush and should be to the point.
  5. It should be interesting enough to help keep the readers on the track and not astray from the topic under discussion.
  6. The appropriate placement of the statement in the introductory paragraph is very essential to the value of the entire paper.



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