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Technology and its harmful effects on the family life


21st century is the era of technology and gadgets. Today toddler is well aware of words like tablets, laptops music player or better to say these are the first toys a baby plays with. Technology is becoming more important to us than food. It has numerous advantages. It is important for a person to gain knowledge of the latest technology updates and everyone today should know how to operate latest gadgets with ease to survive in the society.

From an assignment to entertainment, everybody needs technology, even for the smallest of tasks. The technology era is making slaves out of us. We are incapable of surviving without technology, it’s like we’re saying help me with assignment paper. Even a day without our phone is like spending life without oxygen. This dependence on technology is leading us far away from our origin, our family and our religion and we are happy to sacrifice it all, for we cannot live without phones, TVs and tablets. Life is too fast to even ask mothers how their day has been. Everyone is so caught up with their social networking that they don’t even know the person standing next to them is a human or a zombie.

Everyone is busy in earning money to buy the latest tablet or a smart phone or maybe the latest TV. Time is money the latest motto we use, it’s becoming hazardous for us, we are so engaged we don’t have time even for ourselves. Technology is the latest need of our society, but it’s destroying the essential components of our society. To end up, no one can deny the importance of technology and its important role, but it is also of the utmost importance to pay attention to other important things in life and create a balance in every aspect.