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How traditional grades have become a thing of the past

Rarely do we see a classroom full of students, raising questions on the way grades are to be given, what constitutes what grade and how to achieve better grades. Student’s today study for the sake of good grades and not to have a good intellectual understanding and maturity, modern students are all about results without really having a good insight and knowledge, this is what we call a mechanical learning. The question is: are the reports of students showing grades really do reflect their intellectual and understanding level or is it just a misleading information as a result of some mechanical learning.

So how exactly these conventional ways of grading are proving to be obsolete? Lot of instances have shown that students in order to get a good result temporarily learn something and then forget about it as soon as they get relieved and achieve their mission for say clearing a assignment paper. They do have the intention to gain insightful knowledge about a particular subject that could help them think better, be intellectually sound and an individual with some real knowledge. Education makes you change your life for better not help you get the grades. This is where the old traditional system fails to deliver a really authentic result

Now there is a perfect reasoning for this drastic change in the authenticity of traditional grades. This all starts if we go back from the time schools started to focus on being more commercial rather than an institution that delivers knowledge. The race to be on top forced teachers to focus more on the recordable performances like grades, assignments and projects rather than intangible elements like knowledge, insights, personal development etc. All these areas which once made education have a true importance and academic institutions really delivered knowledge are not hardly found in any institution. The top and high rating of a school is more dependent on the profile of students that comes, the jobs the students end up getting and what is the value of that school, which technically means that school have now also become brands and their value is assessed by the number of people preferring it or associated with it for materialistic reasons. We still have time to take effective and corrective measures in order to ensure that we get the conventional value of education and academic institution back.